Student org reminders

Student Orgs — Here are a few reminders to pay attention to: 

  • We have one final Student Org Officer Training left. If your org did not attend one of the first three sessions, you will need to attend this one to continue to be a registered student org. The training will be September 16 from 4:30-5:30 p.m. on Zoom. You can find the Zoom link on the DragonCentral event page. 
  • The advisor agreement form and officer agreement form are due on DragonCentral on September 18. You can find the forms on the homepage of DragonCentral. Only your advisor can fill out the advisor agreement form (you cannot fill it out on their behalf) and only one officer (usually the president) needs to fill out the officer agreement form on behalf of the whole executive team. 
  • We now have new technology for you to use for your online meetings. The Office of Student Activities has two new OWL cameras that can be checked out for use. Follow this link to see it in action You can reserve the OWL by including it in your EMS reservation or emailing

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