Dear MSUM Students,

You are doing the important work of helping to keep our Dragon Family safe by wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and washing your hands. Thank you!

Today’s communication provides some important information about resources for you:

Complete your Daily Self-Assessment
Remember to continue exhibiting heart by embracing good health behaviors every day – completing the COVID-19 Self-Assessment, wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, and washing hands. 

MSUM Campus Safety Levels, Indicators, and Thresholds
Based on guidance from the Minnesota State system office and the Minnesota Department of Health, the MSUM Pandemic Response Team (PRT) has created charts summarizing our campus safety level phases, indicators, thresholds and mitigating actions.  Our current status and related context are reviewed daily by the Pandemic Response Team Leadership Advisory Council (PRTLAC) to determine if additional safety measures need to be implemented.

We continue to report the number of active positive COVID cases that have had contact with our campus on the Dragons Care website at this link.  These reports are updated every weekday and reflect information self-reported to the University and confirmed in cooperation with local and state health departments.

At the end of the day on Monday, September 14, MSUM had 25 active, positive cases with campus contact.  Based on this information and the related context, our campus remained in the “green safety level” with transmission levels seen as manageable. 

Report COVID Symptoms or Close Contact
In order for campus leadership to make the decisions necessary to keep our students, faculty and staff as safe as possible, it is imperative that students who have tested positive for COVID-19 or who have come into close contact with someone who did, complete the Student COVID-19 Report Form as soon as possible.

The Dragons Care What To Do chart provides further help in determining what to do in a number of other situations. 

Dragons Care Resources
Questions about Dragons Care? You’ll find resources on the Dragons Care public website. Geared toward students and families, you’ll find answers to top questions, information about symptoms and testing, and our latest active case count.

Remember to check back frequently at the Dragons Care website for updates related to classes, housing, activities, and more. And, follow @MSUMoorhead on Instagram for the latest Q&A. Send your questions to

Dr. Brenda Amenson-Hill  
Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management  

Dr. Kara Gravley-Stack  
Dean of Students  
Title IX Coordinator
Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management