We are seeking faculty mentors for eleven incoming freshmen who have demonstrated academic excellence and earned a Scholars Apprentice Scholarship (SAS). The goal of the apprenticeship is to have the student work with a faculty mentor who can provide valuable, collaborative experiences in their field of study.

Scholars Apprenticeship positions can include a variety of activities, from research assistance and lab work to independent study, tutoring, and project or program development. The faculty supervisor is expected to provide internship level opportunities for the apprentice and to review the apprentice at the end of each semester. Students can apprentice in either academic or administrative departments, although an effort is made to place students in positions that reflect their chosen major. The apprenticeship can continue for more than one semester or the student can be placed in another apprenticeship position by agreement with the faculty supervisor. For frequently asked questions about the SAS, please visit https://www.mnstate.edu/cost-aid/scholarships/scholars-apprentice/faqs/

If interested in supervising a Scholars Apprentice, please contact Oscar Flores, flores@mnstate.edu, with a possible apprentice position description as soon as possible.