The Department of Leadership and Learning is pleased to announce the official launch of the Interactive Journal of Global Leadership and Learning (IJGLL). This peer-reviewed journal is associated with the Doctor of Education degree program at MSUM. Special recognition should be given to Dr. Ximena Suarez-Sousa, the IJGLL’s managing editor, for her efforts to make this journal a reality. The IJGLL’s first issue, Volume 1, Issue 1 (2020), features four articles from recent graduates, Drs. Andrew Burklund, Kyja Kristjansson-Nelson, Anne Marie Leland, and Kathrina O’Connell, of the Doctor of Education degree program at MSUM and one article from a Department of Leadership and Learning faculty member, Dr. Michael Coquyt. The first issue was reserved for recent doctoral graduates in celebration of the successful graduation of students from the first stand-alone doctorate at MSUM. Future issues will feature authors from anywhere in the world since the IJGLL is an open-access journal.

The IJGLL publishes original research in areas related to P-12 and higher education leadership. The IJGLL editors welcome both empiricist and interpretivist research philosophies, and manuscripts of qualitative, quantitative, or mixed-methods research are accepted. Dr. Boyd Bradbury, Chair of the Department of Leadership and Learning, serves as IJGLL’s editor-in-chief. Drs. Michael Coquyt, Courtney LaLonde, Belma Sadikovic, and Aaron Peterson, Department of Leadership and Learning faculty members, serve as associate editors. There is one assistant editor, Tiffany Bockelmann, who is a doctoral student at MSUM. Additionally, there are twelve members of IJGLL’s Editorial Board and eleven members of the Review Board.

The first issue features cover art, which is entitled “Bait,” by MSUM art education student, Hannah Edwards.

Additional details regarding the IJGLL can be found at IJGLL’s website. The IJGLL can be accessed via the following link through RED: