MSU Moorhead drops ACT/SAT requirement for admission

Minnesota State University Moorhead has adopted a test-optional admission policy. ACT/SAT test scores are no longer a requirement for admission to the university. This change is part of a national trend to allow more equitable access to higher education.

The change started this spring for Fall 2020 applicants. The modified requirement will continue for spring and fall 2021 applicants and beyond. Students will be able to choose whether to include their test scores in their applications.  

“We’ve been discussing removing the ACT/SAT requirement for some time. We believe the measure of college success is not solely determined by a test score but should look holistically at a student’s overall high school record,” said Tom Reburn, MSUM’s director of undergraduate admissions. “The pandemic created an environment in which we could implement this change more quickly.”  

The change is not about lowering standards but about providing opportunities for students.

“Removing the ACT/SAT barrier opens the door to more students. This change provides new opportunities for students who have the ability to achieve at MSUM based on their high school transcript, involvement and overall experiences,” said Brenda Amenson-Hill, MSUM’s vice president of enrollment management and student affairs.

“We want to be more inclusive and accessible to students interested in attending MSUM,” Reburn said.

More than 1,000 colleges and universities across the country no longer require the ACT/SAT for college admission.