Student Leadership Awards Ceremony is coming straight to your living room! On April 28 at 7 p.m., we’ll Zoom right to you for an evening of celebrating together. You can choose to dress up (#GetFancy) or dress down (#sweatpants) for it – because you’ll be comfy and cozy at home. So make a plan to join your Dragon Fam and support the nominees by tuning in on April 28 with your quarantine crew.

We had more than 110 nominations this year for 16 awards, and we’ll recognize each of the nominees then announce the winners during the ceremony! And now (drumroll…) here are the nominees:

Student Organization Involvement Awards

This category of awards is to recognize involvement within a recognized student organization at MSUM.

Organization Advisor of the Year

  • Becky Boyle-Jones
  • Brian Wisenden
  • Annie Wood

Organization Officer of the Year

  • Presley Gonnerman
  • Muhammed Hassan Condeh
  • Philip Larson
  • Danielle Caingcoy
  • Precious Lotanna Umunna

Organization Member of the Year

  • Maryam Adepitan
  • Savannah Hohenstein

Up-and-coming Organization of the Year


Club Sport of the Year

  • MSUM Club Volleyball

Organization of the Year

  • MSUM Student Senate
  • DECA
  • The Dragon Entertainment Group
  • Society of Physics Students
  • African Student Union
  • Dragon Ambassadors
  • Financial Management Association
  • Marine Ecology Club

Community Engagement Organization of the Year

  • DECA
  • Sustainable Students Association
  • Marine Ecology Club
  • The Dragon Entertainment Group

Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Organization of the Year

  • African Student Union
  • Campus Feminist Organization

Individual Student Engagement Awards

This category of awards is to recognize individual student engagement. This may include, but not limited to, student organization involvement, student employment, academic achievements, internships, research, professional development, athletics, art, music, theatre, activism, community service, community involvement, and other engagement activities.

Outstanding New Leader Award

  • Alex Seigel
  • Jessa Mueller
  • Justin How
  • Tyler Duclos

Leadership Legacy Award

  • Will Hagen
  • Simon Atadoga
  • Ponny White
  • Nadir Yusuf
  • Presley Gonnerman
  • Alexandra Gallagher
  • Dave Laluyan

Community Engagement Award

  • Simon Atadoga

Diversity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Award

  • Talyne Nganansou Ngangassa
  • Dylin Van Ellsberg

Grit Award

  • Nico Arias
  • Bradley Banken
  • Sean Rice
  • Erin Slack
  • Sara Danielson
  • Nadir Yusuf
  • Rebecca Rage

Humility Award

  • Titus Torkelson
  • Karl Schultz
  • Brooklyn Liegel
  • Bec Rumreich
  • Precious Lotanna Umunna
  • Araceli SpottedThunder
  • Abbey Linstad
  • Zac Spohn

Heart Award

  • Emily King
  • Kylie MacDonald
  • Courtney Gerads
  • Zac Spohn
  • Mary Davidow
  • Nico Arias
  • Nadir Yusuf
  • Rebecca Rage
  • Bradley Banken
  • Emma Glogoza
  • Fleury Clark
  • Ritu Pandey
  • Van Fritch-Gallatin
  • Emma Carlson
  • Alexandra Gallagher

Programming and Events Awards

This category of awards is to recognize student-led programs and events.

Outstanding Campus Program/Event Award

  • If The Dress Fits Event
  • 2020 Rainbow Royalty Drag Show
  • Moorhead vs. Moorhead Basketball Night

Congrats to all the Student Leadership Awards nominees! We can’t wait to celebrate with all our Dragons on April 28 via Zoom. Details for logging onto the Awards Ceremony can be found on DragonCentral.