Friday, Nov. 8 | 12:30-3:30 p.m. | Online

Join us for a free online conference about Agile in the classroom. 

This online conference is for:

  • College & secondary educators
  • IT instructors
  • Any instructors seeking to grow student engagement

Registration is now open for this event. 

Conference topics include:

  • Agile inspired teaching techniques (Stand-up meetings, Lightweight teams & Groupwork tools for online teams)
  • Learning how to teach Agile and DevOps in your curriculum


By participating in this virtual conference, you’ll learn hot new Agile techniques to increase student engagement in your classroom. You’ll be ready to use cutting-edge techniques like stand-up meetings and lightweight teams to get your students engaged and excited to collaborate together. Participants will have the chance to learn from instructors who already successfully implemented Agile techniques in their classroom to improve the student’s experience. These techniques are useful for teaching any subject at the higher ed or K-12 level. Come join us to learn how you can use Agile to improve your students’ experience in your classroom! Sponsored by the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence

Sign up at:

This event is free.  It is sponsored by the Minnesota State IT Center of Excellence.

Please feel free to forward on to colleagues that may find this of interest.