Leach presents at national symposium

This summer, sophomore MSUM Biochemistry and Biotechnology major Kelsey Leach was invited to give an oral presentation at the national SEA-PHAGES Annual Symposium organized by Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Her presentation was entitled “Isolation and Characterization of Microbacterium phage Etta and Discovery of Bacteriophage Vers using a Novel Antarctic Cryobacterium Isolate.” This research project began as part of a classroom-based undergraduate research (CURE) program implemented as two-semester series (Virus Hunters I and II (BCBT390)), in collaboration with HHMI, co-taught by Dr. Sumali Pandey and Dr. Michelle Tigges. The research was furthered through independent mentored research supported through the MSUM Honor’s apprentice program and the CSHE Strong Scholar Fund.