Comstock Memorial Union

May the 4th Be With You

You might have noticed advertisements around campus encouraging you to attend MSUM’s next signature event: May the 4th Be With You. Wondering what all the buzz is about? Keep reading to get your questions answered by Associate Director for Student Life, Annie Wood and learn more about Jedi Training from Assistant Director of Recreation: Competitive Sports, Seth Nichols!

What events are happening for May the 4th? 

We’ve themed it as Star Wars, but you don’t have to be a fan or a movie buff to enjoy what we’ve got planned! You can choose how you’d like to be involved

  1. 10am – 12pm Volunteering in the Community
  2. 1pm – Special show at the Planetarium
  3. 3pm – 6pm Jedi Training at the Wellness Center
  4. 8pm Dragon Entertainment Group is showing The Force Awakens

What are you most looking forward to about the May the 4th Events?

I’m excited to see all our students volunteering in the pretty awesome “Jedi Level Dragon” t-shirts we’ll be giving out to our volunteers. We’ll have sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. To guarantee your size you should sign up online before May 1!

What is something students should know about these events that they might not otherwise be aware of?

If you’ve never been to the Planetarium for a show, you should definitely check it out! Sara is going to do some really cool things that day.

Why should students sign up to volunteer? 

Let’s show the community our MSUM Heart by volunteering! We have lots of places to volunteer both indoors and outdoors, so there’s an opportunity for everyone. We want to get at least 150 Dragons volunteering on May the 4th.

Now that you have a general overview from Annie, let’s look into what is happening at Jedi Training from Seth:

 What does Jedi Training Entail? 

Jedi Training will entail completing three (or potentially two) tasks: Scaling the Rock Wall and participating in 2 inflatable games. The training will take place at the Wellness Center on Saturday, May 4th from 3:00pm-6:00pm.

How do you sign up for Jedi Training? 

Jedi Training doesn’t have a sign-up, just come when you can!

Is there anything I should bring to Jedi Training to be prepared? 

In order to fully immerse yourself in the activities, wear athletic or “athleisure” wear to participate in the activities!

Why should students sign up for Jedi Training?

 As students get ready for finals, Jedi Training (along with all May the 4th activities) will provide a positive outlet to “blow off some steam” and have some fun.

Check out more details on the event at DragonCentral!