Reasons to visit MSUM during your junior year

Junior year can be busy. The pressure to do well on your ACT, keep your GPA afloat, perform well in extracurricular activities, and somehow keep up a social life is daunting. On the other hand, you look at the seniors in your school and hear them stressing about college decisions on top of everything else. Wondering how you can make your senior year more manageable? Get a head start on the college application process.

Instead of scrambling to make a decision a year from now, take advantage of opportunities that are available exclusively to high school juniors. Check out the junior day visit opportunities at colleges you’re interested in, and join MSUM at our Junior Preview Day Friday, April 26 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:45 p.m. Here are the benefits of not procrastinating on this important life decision:

  • Join your friends for a day designed just for juniors.
  • Apply — for FREE — the day of your visit.
  • Get your application decision sooner.
  • Receive early notification about housing assignments, scholarships and more.
  • Relieve some (or a lot!) of the stress during your senior year.
  • Hear from current MSUM students about their best tips for your senior year.

At MSUM’s Junior Day, you’ll hear from current students (like me!), tour the campus and residential halls, explore your major interests and enjoy lunch! Your college journey awaits, and your junior year is the perfect time to start. What are you waiting for? Register for Junior Day today to join your friends!

Emma Harris

Karissa LaMont
Marketing Intern
Communication Studies