Friday, Feb. 22 | 3 p.m. | Hagen 325

Life after Science
Beau Scheving (Cirrus Aircraft)

For my presentation I will be exploring the differences between college and the workforce as well as the skills you learn in college you need to be successful in the workplace. From the first day you stepped onto campus your future is laid out for you. You will take the classes required by your major, follow a syllabus provided by a professor, and answer the questions laid out in front of you. But in work and life the path isn’t always this clear. There won’t always be someone to hand you a problem and ask you to fix it. You will have to find the problems for yourself. The skills you learn here at MSUM go much farther than memorizing equations or spitting out the correct numerical answer. The most important skills you will want to leave MSUM with is your problem solving abilities and your adaptability to many different situations. These are the skills that have helped me the most and is what we will be exploring together in this presentation.