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Guest Blog: Black Student Union

Did you know February is Black History Month? That’s right! Officially recognized by the U.S. government in 1976, this holiday celebrates accomplishments of African Americans in history. We interviewed Ponny White, President of the Black Student Union on campus to learn what MSUM does to celebrate this month and how you can get involved. Keep reading to find out!

What does the Black Student Union do?

The Black Student Union unites students of Black descent to help them have a sense of belonging on campus. We also create events that promote black culture as an educational tool for the entire campus community. 

What does the Black Student Union do to celebrate Black History Month?

Events! We have a “Toxic Masculinity and its Impact on Black Men” speaker coming February 18th. On top of that we’re working on a “Black Love” valentine get together and also teaming with the Women’s Center to showcase the movie “Standing on my Sisters’ Shoulders” on February 20th. Plus, we are working on sending articles to the Advocate with some friendly tips for non-blacks about black friendships/relationships. 

What does Black History Month mean to you?

Growing up in a predominately white town, Black History Month was the only time my school would talk about heroes that look like me who fought for my rights.  Being West African, I grew up learning black African history at home which would sometimes tie in with what black Americans experienced. While I identify with my African roots, I lived in America, so oppression that I experienced was different from my Mom’s experiences.  Black History Month always brought my two worlds together and pushed me to learn how my two cultures build on one another. 

What are some things students can do to recognize Black History Month?

LEARN! Research, Google search, ask questions, watch documentaries, go to events! Step out of your comfort zone. As an American, Black History Month is your history as well. 

To learn more about upcoming events and the Black Student Union, follow @MSUMBlackStudentUnion on Facebook, @msumbsu on Instagram, or connect on DragonCentral!