Applying for college is so exciting, but it can also become overwhelming.

Where do you begin? How? When!? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with this College Application Checklist.

11th Grade – Fall

  • Get ready to take your standardized tests
  • Meet with your counselor and determine what your GPA and grades mean for your college options
  • Go to college fairs and talk to colleges that you’re interested in
  • Construct a list of colleges you like and meet your criteria

11th Grade – Winter

  • Narrow down your college wishlist to your top 10
  • Talk to your parents about financial aid and paying for college. Get an idea of what you’ll need. Check out any financial aid events your school may host.

11th Grade – Spring

  • Apply for scholarships. There is a plethora of private foundations and organizations that offer scholarships to students from all backgrounds. See if you qualify for something.
  • Think about who you’re going to ask for a recommendation and give them plenty of time to write the letters. Think about any adult in your life who has positive things to say about you: coaches, teachers, counselors, etc.

11th Grade – Summer

  • Visit schools at the top of your list and talk to their admissions and financial aid offices
  • Begin to prepare essays if they are required for applications
  • Find out if any colleges you’re interested in are offering early applications

12th Grade – Fall

  • After visiting schools, you should have a narrowed down list
  • Begin to apply. MSU Moorhead waives application fees in October!
  • Fill out FAFSA. It opens Oct. 1 and the sooner you fill it out the better your chances are at getting more aid.

12th Grade – Winter

  • You’ll find out which schools you have been admitted to, the ones you didn’t and the ones you’ve been put on the waitlist for
  • Plan a visit any schools you have been accepted to if you haven’t already (or visit again)

12th Grade – Spring

  • Compare cost at each school. What are the benefits of investing in a higher-cost education?
  • Let each college know your final decision and complete enrollment steps

12th Grade – Summer

  • Celebrate! Visit your school on Admitted Students Day, contact your roommate, attend orientation and set your schedule. Get ready to have the best experience of your life.

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Emma Harris

Emma Harris
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