Congratulations, you made it to the end of the Fall semester! The holidays are right around the corner, which means the season of giving is upon us. Unfortunately, that also tends to drain the bank. What better way to make some money than working in a student leadership position? Not only will it make up for that holiday spending, you will also learn valuable leadership skills that will carry over to your personal and professional life.

What’s a student leadership position?

Student leadership positions are opportunities for students to contribute in meaningful ways on campus. Each position is compensated for their time and cover a range of opportunities including event planning, marketing, wellness, residential life, and more! Click here to see the full list of positions available, and learn how to apply.

Why should I apply?

Aside from being compensated for your work, you will gain leadership skills that can benefit you in the long run. Check out what current student leaders have to say!

Autumn Schaeffer, SMART Start Mentor: “have gotten many more opportunities to meet new and amazing people, I also get the chance to be someone that new and returning students can look up to and I love to help them when I am able.”

Emily King, Dragon Mentor: “I have gained the knowledge on how to listen to student concerns, come up with a plan to fix said concerns, and work to help them in any other ways I can.”

Taylor Pfarr, Peer Advisor: “I have gained a new-found confidence in my communication skills. Students have come to me for assistance and with questions, in which I am able to help them. This has really solidified my love for advising and how much I enjoy helping students as well as being a leader.”

Yashu Shrestha, SOC: “I have learned to be more responsible, how to solve conflicts together as a group, teamwork and have made many friends who are from different cultures and traditions.”