Living away from home is intimidating enough before laundry is thrown into the equation. With these simple hacks you will be a pro at doing your own laundry.

Use pods
Never worry about spilling or measuring out your detergent again.

Treat stains before you wash
Find a good stain remover and give it a chance to soak into a stain before you throw it in the washer.

Set a timer on your phone
Set a timer right when you put stuff in the washer or dryer so you can move it right when it’s finished. This is courteous to others who are also doing laundry, plus no one will touch or move your things.

You know what else is great to time? Study sessions
Laundry day is a great day to get ahead on some homework. Instead of waiting around for your laundry to finish you might as well get some work done, plus when your timer goes off it’s a great excuse to get up and move around.

When in doubt, wash with cold
Colors bleed, you don’t want to turn your white shirts pink with all your red Dragons gear. If you don’t know what temperature to wash your clothes in, choose cold.

Invest in a drying rack
This is helpful for clothes that can’t go in the dryer. Never shrink your clothes again.

Fold right away
Folding your clothes before they have a chance to cool down from the dryer will prevent wrinkles

Dryer sheets
Dryer sheets are a gift, nobody likes static. Plus, storing a couple random sheets in your drawers will keep everything smelling fresh and clean.

Emma Harris

Emma Harris
Admissions Marketing Assistant
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