What is the Emerging Leaders program?

The Emerging Leaders Program is a free leadership development program sponsored by the Office of Student Activities. This 10-week program meets once a week to discuss and apply leadership skills such as teamwork, collaboration and goal-setting.

“For anyone questioning if they are capable of being in the program, join!  Leadership is not something only certain people are capable of. With the right base, anyone can lead something they are passionate about,” said Hannah Edwards, an Art Education sophomore. “It’s a confidence booster because it shows people that they can be a leader in everyday life. It also gives people the foundations to finding and achieving their own kind of leadership.”

What will it do for me?

Emerging Leaders will not only build your resume, it will also help you gain valuable skills that will apply to your personal and professional life. Students develop qualities employers are looking for such as teamwork, communication and problem solving.

Elementary Inclusive Education sophomore Baylee Hanson gained a lot from the program, “Emerging Leaders helped me become a better leader by helping me recognize what I do well when acting in a leadership position, and how to act on those to produce a positive outcome.”

“I enjoyed learning how to maximize my strengths and use the strengths of others to be a better leader. I also really enjoyed the service project and the Great Plains Food Bank.”

I want to join! How do I register?

To sign up for the Emerging Leaders program, go to Dragon Central to complete the form or contact Steve Fox at fox@mnstate.edu.