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International Education Week: Guest Blog

In honor of international education week, we interviewed Muhammad Azam Awan about his experience as an international student at MSUM and his passion for filmmaking. Keep reading to learn his story!

What is your major and year in school?

I am majoring in Business Administration with Marketing Emphasis. I came in as a transfer student, so by credits I am a junior but it will take me around 1.5 more years to graduate. Before coming to MSUM, I was in Pakistan. I lived there all my life.

What’s one interesting thing you’ve learned about the community since moving here?

One thing that is different here than my previous university in Pakistan, is how the staff goes out of their way to solve our problems and help us out. So far, every office I have been to on campus has made me feel welcomed and actually helped me.

What makes you passionate about filmmaking?

 It all started when I was a kid. I could literally spend all day watching movies and cartoons and never get tired of it. When I was not watching movies, I would daydream and making my own movies and visualize the camera angles, acting and everything in my head.

When I grew up, I realized I could bring all my childhood daydreaming to life. I learned filmmaking from YouTube, and have made two short films. My film, Gloom, even made it to Amazon Prime. Currently, I am doing filmmaking through a YouTube channel to document my life here in the United States. In the future, I plan to incorporate my passion for filmmaking with my marketing degree to do something I love.

Why did you choose MSUM?

The main reason I chose MSUM is because it is an AACSB accredited Business school, which is the highest distinction a business school can have. The business school has a ton of experiential learning programs, and I am able to pay in-state tuition because MSUM gives automatic scholarships every international student.

If you could tell other students one thing about being an international student, what would you want them to know?

As an international student, you must have the drive to make yourself the best. Stepping out of your comfort zone and coming to a completely different country where you don’t know anybody takes guts. It is also important to be organized. If you are organized and know everything you have to do in a day, half of your problems are solved.

To learn more, visit International Student Services, or view Azam’s YouTube channel by clicking here.