Mug meals

There are thousands of recipes for super easy, super quick meals you can make in your microwave using a mug! Check out some popular recipes.

How to maximize closet space

Fold your T-shirts and stack them vertically to save space and easily see all your shirts

Use shoe organizers and plastic bins to store your items

Hack your hangers! Use pop can tops to connect two hangers together to maximize your storage.

Organizational hacks

Loft your beds to maximize storage space underneath.

Put your smartphone in a cup

If you put the speaker part into a cup or a bowl it will amplify the sound.

What’s that smell?

Put dryer sheets in your drawers to keep your clothes smelling fresh. You can also stick some dryer sheets on your fan – boom. Instant air freshener.

Keep it clean

Your room is already small enough. Don’t overcrowd the area more than you need to. Plus, your roommate will probably like you better 🙂

Free food?

There are always events going on around campus or the community. Check them out on Dragon Central — you can sort through events by searching which ones serve free food.

Hack your schedule

Set your lock screen to a picture of your schedule for the first week of class. This way you don’t have to constantly look up room numbers while walking around.

Not sure what you’ll need?

You can learn more about furniture, amenities and what to pack on the Housing & Residential Life page.


Emma Harris

Emma Harris
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