November 6th will be here before we know it – hooray for Election Day! In honor of this important time of year, we asked Student Senate Campus Affairs Chair, Jamison Cortinas about the importance of voting and how you can make sure your voice is heard.

Why Voting Matters

Do you believe you should be heard? Do you believe that if you don’t agree with what’s happening in our country you should have a say in that matter? This is why it’s important to vote. Because no matter what you’ve written on social media, no matter how many times you hear people talk about it in the hallways – one crucial way to help create change and to have influence on our country is by voting. It’s not a presidential election year, but midterm elections are still important, especially because we’ll be electing many local officials.

Only 58% of eligible voters went to the polls in the 2016 election. Keep that in mind as we approach the 2018 midterms in the coming weeks. Your vote matters! Voting enables us, the citizens, to choose the people who represent us and make decisions in our systems of government. Voting doesn’t have to take a long time – and you will have made a world of change by merely writing a few things on a paper.

Wondering what’s going to be on your ballot? Here’s a great resource to look up info for your area – just type in your address.

How can I vote?

In Minnesota, you need to register to vote. Even if you forgot to register to vote before the early deadline, you can register at the polls. Need to know what to bring for ID? Click here.Find your polling place here.

For those North Dakota residents, if you’re of legal age you are automatically registered to vote. Need to know what to bring for ID? Click here.Find your polling place here.

Getting to the Polls

Wondering how you can get to the polls?

– MSUM will be providing shuttles from 7am to 8pm for on campus residents and anyone living in districts 5a and 5b. Vans will pick up outside the CMU and in the Nelson/Dahl loop.

– MATBUS is also providing free rides on Election Day to access polling places. Read more.

There you have it. Voting is important. You’ve got options to get to the polls. So, get educated on your ballot and get out there to vote!