Dragons, why do you vote?

We asked some Dragons why they vote in @msumoorhead’s most recent TikTok video. Whether they vote because they want people elected to represent their beliefs or because it is how they feel they can make an impact, they all had one thing in common. They all plan to vote. Watch the video to hear other responses. And if you have […]

What’s on your ballot?

Get #BallotReady by knowing what’s on your entire ballot and researching candidates and issues. Visit BallotReady to get ready for Nov. 8. Or, check out MSUM’s student voting page to locate details for your state.

Are you registered to vote?

Did you know most states require voter registration, online or by mail? And if you live in Minnesota, you can vote here even if you pay out-of-state tuition or have a driver’s license in another state. Check out MSUM’s student voting website to find out what students from MN, SD, WI & IA need to do to register, along with […]

Voting information

With the election fast approaching, it is important that faculty and staff encourage students to vote. The information below provides basic information on voting by mail or in person in Minnesota and North Dakota. The Center for Engaged Learning invites you to share this information on your course D2L pages or email to students. We thank student Jess Muller for […]