Students representing LGBTQ+ organization at MSUM Homecoming Parade

This weekend, October 27-28, M-State and MSUM are hosting the Minnesota Out! Campus Conference (MOCC). This conference focuses directly on LGBTQ+ content by providing workshops, keynote speakers, drag events, and a resource fair. We asked SPECTRUM Co-President, William Lewandowski to share more information about this awesome opportunity for students!

MOCC is much like the larger LGBTQ+ conference, Midwest Bisexual Gay Lesbian Transgender Asexual College Conference (MBGLTACC) which is held in February. MOCC can mean so much to each person in so many ways, and I’m happy we have the chance to co-host it. I encourage people to go with an open mind and excitement. This conference is meant to be a safe space where people can learn about their LGBTQ+ culture and do it proudly and powerfully.

So, what are some of the events happening at Minnesota Out! Conference?

To start, M-State will be holding an entertainment night on Friday where students can get a feel for the conference the day before it begins. But the fun is only just beginning! On Saturday, there will be three keynote speakers: Jac Stringer, a trans two-spirit man; Alicia Sojourner, a queer person of color; and the Rainbow Seniors, a community group of elderly LGBTQ+ individuals. In addition to the keynote speakers, local drag queen Heidi Mi-Feelings will be hosting Drag Bingo, a brief panel, and trivia on Saturday night.

There will also be a number of captivating and diverse workshops for students to attend. The list is seemingly endless from kink and bi+ identity workshops, to deaf cultures workshops, and mental health awareness and identity workshops. There is something for everyone! There will also be a session dedicated to individual forums for different identities – there’s so much being offered, it’ll be a great time to learn.

With so many great things happening at MOCC, you’re probably wondering how you can sign up. You can do this through the MOCC website or right at the conference. It’s free to attend and breakfast and snacks will be provided.