Diversity & Social Justice Trainings for Student Leaders

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is excited to offer two 90-minute training opportunities for student leaders this fall. We encourage faculty and staff to send their student leaders and student workers to both training sessions. Examples of student leaders/workers include: Student Athlete Advisory Committee, Office Assistants, Resident Assistants, Student Orientation Counselors, etc.

Social Justice 101 Presented by Dana Bisignani, MSUM Women’s Center Coordinator
Monday, August 20 | 10-11:30 a.m. | CMU Ballroom
This 90-minute interactive presentation introduces students to core concepts of critical social justice, including identity, privilege and oppression, intersectionality and microaggressions. The second half provides tools and scenarios to help students learn to become better listeners and navigate difficult dialogues in day-to-day interactions. Students will gain a more nuanced understanding of how identity shapes our experiences and the role each of us can play in creating more inclusive communities.

GTC Dramatic Dialogues Presents “You. Me. We.”
Tuesday, August 21 | 9:30-11 a.m. | CMU Ballroom
An interactive program on racism, sexism, and LGBTQ issues especially for college students. Presented by GTC Dramatic Dialogues, You. Me. We. begins with a monologue that exposes the often-unintentional ugliness of prejudice, setting the stage for a lively discussion of diversity. Then in two scenes, we follow students as they attempt to navigate the sometimes-difficult terrain of multicultural campus relationships. During talk-backs, students can confront the characters and voice their own opinions on issues of race, sex, sexual orientation, and gender. You. Me. We. is a 90-minute program that gets college students talking about diversity.

View the attached document for more information, including learning outcomes, how your students will benefit by attending these trainings, and more.

To register your students for this training, please complete the following form by July 1: https://mnstate.campuslabs.com/engage/submitter/form/start/190154

Questions? Contact Olivia Matthews at Olivia.Matthews@mnstate.edu or 218-477-2476.