Please join Interim Vice President Marsha Weber in congratulating our newly tenured and promoted faculty members and wishing them continued success in their careers.

Tenure Granted

Nandita Bezbaruah                                                 Anthony Ocaña

Michael Coquyt                                                        Eduardo Pablo

Mohamed Elbannan                                               Elaine Pyle

Alexandria Fogarty                                                  Brandi Sillerud

Janelle Miedema                                                     Jitendra Singh                       

Promotion to Associate Professor Effective August 21, 2018

Nandita Bezbaruah                                                 Anthony Ocaña

Trista Conzemius                                                    Elaine Pyle

Michael Coquyt                                                        Jitendra Singh

Alexandria Fogarty                                                  Nancy Stock

Janelle Miedema

Promotion to Professor Effective August 21, 2018

Yolanda Arauza                                                        Mohamed Elbannan

Bradley Bachmeier                                                  Aaron Quanbeck

Kevin Carollo                                                            Patricia Wisenden

Nathan Clarke