End of Semester Tasks

As finals begin and faculty start entering final grades for Spring 2018, please refer to the following checklist for end of semester tasks for your courses in D2L Brightspace.

(Optional) Display Cumulative Grade To Students

Are your students aware of their current grade as they enter finals? An easy way to let your students see their current grade is to create a Calculated grade item in D2L Brightspace. Using a Calculated grade item, you can release a cumulative score which includes only those assignments that have been completed and graded at this time.

Use one of the following tutorials for instructions on how to set up a Calculated grade item. The tutorials differ by the type of gradebook you are using:

Release Final Grades To Your Students

You have the option to either enter grades manually or pull grades from your course in D2L Brightspace directly into ISRS.

Refer to the “End of Semester Tasks” tutorial (https://www.mnstate.edu/uploadedFiles/Level_2/Content/Instructional_Technology_Services/Desire2Learn/EndofSemesterTasks.pdf) for step-by-step instructions on this and other suggested tasks to complete for Spring semester wrap up.

Extend Course End Date For Students

For most courses, student access will end automatically at 11:59 p.m. on May 9. If you release the final grade or post final remarks after that date, students will not have access to the information unless you change the End Date. Refer to the Course Start and/or End Date tutorial (https://www.mnstate.edu/uploadedFiles/Level_2/Content/Instructional_Technology_Services/Desire2Learn/CourseStartEndDate.pdf) for step-by-step instructions.

Enter Final Grades Into ISRS

Final grades are due by 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 11, on eServices (https://www.mnstate.edu/eservices/).

Refer to the MinnState Faculty Member Documentation page (https://mnscu.sharepoint.com/sites/isrsproducts/SitePages/Topics.aspx?Topic=Faculty%20Application for information on how to complete Grade Entry & LDA (Last Day Attended). Log in using your StarID and password using the format StarID@minnstate.edu for the username.

Request Your Courses For Fall

Request your course shells for Fall 2018. Use the D2L Brightspace shell request form (https://my.mnstate.edu/ITS/Forms/RequestD2LShell) to submit your request online. Starting Wednesday, August 8th any courses that have not been requested will be created as single sections.


Dropped Student From Classlist

Was a student dropped from your D2L Brightspace classlist after entering final grades and the Last Date Attended field on eServices? Please refer to our blog article (http://collaborate.mnstate.edu/public/blogs/itsblog/2014/05/15/d2l-tip-of-the-week-3/) titled “Dropped Students from the D2L Classlist” for instructions on how to view the dropped student’s grades on D2L Brightspace.

– Incomplete Grade

Was one of your students approved by the Records Office to receive an incomplete grade in your course? Refer to our blog article (http://collaborate.mnstate.edu/public/blogs/itsblog/2014/05/16/d2l-tip-of-the-week-incomplete-grades/) titled “Student assigned an Incomplete grade” for instructions on how to provide the student extended access to your D2L Brightspace course.

Please contact the Office of Online & Extended Learning at support@mnstate.edu or 218-477-2603 (option 3) if you have questions.