For the past year you’ve been visiting college campuses, eating in dining centers, talking to tour guides and getting A TON of emails and phone calls from admissions reps at every school you looked at. After all of that information, you are ready to make a decision.

You have found the school that makes your heart happy and you are ready to commit.

Now, the only thing to figure out is how to let everyone else know that you made your decision.

We like to call this part of the college decision-making process “breaking up with your side schools.”  Side schools are all of the college and universities you applied to but have decided not to attend.  So, how do you let them know?

Here’s a simple three step process for letting all of your side schools know you’ve made your college decision:

1) Draft an email that goes something like this:


While I’ve enjoyed learning more about your institution, I will be attending (insert your college choice here) next fall! You have been super helpful in getting me the information I needed, but now that I know where I am going, please cancel my application.


(your name)

2) Copy your message text and then reply to all of the college mail in your inbox with the message. I promise it will get where it needs to go. If you have had a good connection with an admissions representative at a school and know their email address, go ahead and send it directly to them!

3) Jump up and down in excitement and pride because (a) you have made a college decision and (b) your life is about to have a lot fewer calls, texts, and emails in it!

Pretty simple right?  Right.

Sending the email also gives your side school’s a chance to celebrate your accomplishment with you!  Even though it’s called a break-up, we promise there won’t be any tears.  Admissions representatives will always want to celebrate your decision with you, even if that decision takes you to a different school.

Go out there and break up with your side schools.  I promise it’s better for both of us if you do.

Jenna Long

Jenna Long
Admissions Representative
Hometown: Kiester, MN
Fun Fact: Unable to whistle or do a cartwheel