1. Schedule college visits
Researching college websites to gather more information is great to get the facts, but actually visiting a college campus will help you experience the campus community and give you a feel for what being a student there is like. At MSUM, we have several visit options including daily visits, preview days, and Saturday visits.

Attending college fairs and visiting with colleges representatives when they come to your high school are other excellent ways to gather information about the schools in which you are interested.

2. Take the ACT or SAT
If you haven’t already done so, schedule a time to take the ACT or SAT and begin studying.

If you have already taken a test and think you can do better, then take the test again! MSUM has many automatic scholarships based on your ACT score. That means the better you do, the more money you can potentially be awarded.

3. Talk with your high school counselor
Your high school counselor is a fantastic resource to help you begin your college search. They have several resources available and can point you in the right direction based on interests. Be sure to keep an open mind when meeting with them. You may have your heart set on a particular college, but they may have other excellent options to explore that may be a better fit for you in the end.

4. Make a list of characteristics you are looking for in a college
Consider location, size, selectivity, course offerings, and anything else important to you. Make sure you also are looking into cost. Finding your best option also means finding your best value. Tuition rates and scholarship amounts vary greatly throughout institutions. Make sure you’re reviewing your true out-of-pocket amount for each school you add to your list.

Know that as you see more colleges, you will get a better sense of what you want. Who knows… It may end up being different than what you were originally planning!

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Mary Maguire

Mary Maguire
Communications Coordinator
Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Hometown: Fargo, ND