MSUM Women’s Basketball to host WBCA Play4Kay game on Feb. 16

Friday, Feb. 16 | 6 p.m. | Nemzek Fieldhouse

The MSUM women’s basketball team will play in pink uniforms for the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association’s annual Play4Kay basketball games for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund on Friday, Feb. 16 at 6 p.m. against St. Cloud State University. Both men’s and women’s games are sponsored by the Microtel and Travelodge of Moorhead and they will be giving out 300 pink stocking hats.

Women’s basketball has created a fundraising page for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund under their name. If you’d like to make a donation on their behalf, please CLICK HERE.

Long-time Dragons partner Valley Imports has pledged to match $1 for every free throw, rebound and 3-pointer for the rest of the women’s basketball season starting on the 16th to Play4Kay. They will also be handing out 600 Play4Kay T-shirts to the first fans to the game and sponsoring a halftime Series Shootout where one fan will have 25 seconds to make a layup, free throw, 3-pointer, and half-court shot for an Audi A3.

The 16th is also part of DragonFrost, and Dragon Entertainment Group and Kappa Sigma will be hosting a Pizza Party/Tailgating for the games starting at 5 p.m. for all students! Coronation will be on Saturday the 17th.

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