Friday, Sept. 29 | 3-3:50 p.m. | Hagen Hall 325

Two MSUM Physics alumni will shed light on life after graduation. 

Dana Koczur, who graduated with an emphasis in Medical Physics, will present: Medical Physics Internship Sanford Health: 3D Mapping Fluoroscopic Scatter Radiation
Scatter radiation is the unseen threat in interventional radiology and accounts for many long-term physical damages. Fluoroscopic procedures in interventional radiology produce scatter radiation doses for physicians and staff dependent on many variables. This experiment is a detailed examination of how scatter, or stray radiation air kerma rates (mGy/min), is affected by specific variable changes during a simulated angiography procedure on a C-arm.

Kyle Salk will present: A Higher Education in Semiconductors
After choosing the Graduate Internship Program at the University of Oregon, I learned about the theory, operation, and production of semiconductor devices. The program prepared me for an industrial internship at Micron Technology, one of the leading computer memory producers. I joined the Emerging Memory team as a Device Characterization intern and helped developed Python-based software to assist in electrical characterization.