The marketing team is working on the next issue of the Moorhead Magazine, which will feature the theme of service, missions and ministry representing alumni and students from all majors. Below are examples of the kinds of stories we’re looking for. Please share any and all ideas you think might broadly fit into this theme. 

  • Alumni/students who work in leadership or other impactful roles in the areas of service, missions and ministry, particularly on a regional or national level (Red Cross, Salvation Army, SCORE, advocacy, etc.)
  • Alumni working to improve lives (locally, regionally or internationally); such as dog rescue, orphans, foster care, slavery, etc.
  • Alumni/students who have started these types of ventures (may be small, local efforts that impact one community)
  • Alumni/students who live a life focused on mission, regularly participating in medical mission trips, faith-based mission trips, doctors without borders, etc.
  • Alumni/students who’ve participated in the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and similar organizations
  • Alumni/student groups who will be going to help with Hurricane Harvey clean up
  • Student groups who regularly volunteer (student athletes, Greek life, learning communities, VITA program, study abroad service focused courses, etc.)

If you know alumni or students who might be interested in sharing their story, please email