MSUM Faculty Members, Alumni Attend Geospatial Analysis Conference

A Faculty Development Associates team comprised of Andrew Chen, Computer Science and Information Systems; Rinita Dalan, Anthropology and Earth Sciences; Alexandria Fogarty, School of Media Arts and Design; and T. J. Hansen, Economics, Law & Politics; attended the Esri Education and User Conferences in San Diego, California June 25-29, 2016. The MSUM team members joined over 15,000 participants from academia, industry and government that participated in technical workshops, moderated paper discussions, industry-specific sessions and forums related to geospatial analysis. 

While attending the conference, team members also met with other MSUM alumni participating in the conference including: Al Derosier, Deputy Director of Operations at Esri in Redlands, Calif.; and Alycia and Bill Gabel, Lead Systems Engineer and Senior Engineer, respectively, at the company, HERE, in Fargo, N.D.

For more information about these companies and careers which use geospatial analysis, please visit their websites ( and and Esri’s career videos ( or information on Career Development (