Look Out Point Screened in Rome

Look Out Point, an experimental film by Kyja K-Nelson (School of Media Arts & Design), recently screened as part of two curated programs in Rome, Italy. K-Nelson’s film is currently screening at the Experimental Art, Architecture and Design Festival at the BAU International Academy of Rome. In addition, K-Nelson’s film was part of an exhibition at the Worldhotel Ripa Roma called Oxygen, a contemporary video art and performing art festival, curated to explore the re-appropriation of the natural world to give new interpretations to psychical and physical places that transform our lives. 

LookOutPointStill4Look Out Point is a short, experimental film that documents landscape through the lens of designated vantage views. These designated points (usually for tourists and travelers to stretch their legs, take a snapshot or have a picnic) reveal change in our use of land and our physical position in relation to the landscape. Points of interest in this travelogue include the Kárahnjukur Hydropower Plan and Alcoa Fjardaál Aluminum Smelter in eastern Iceland, as well as the Garrison Dam and Williston Basin Oil Wells in North Dakota. Due to power resources, all of these sites have undergone physical change and with that change, human engagement and proximity to these lands have shifted.