Lindaas Attends AAPT Summer Conference

Steve Lindaas, Physics and Astronomy, attended the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) summer conference last week. He presented a workshop, “Demo Kit in a Box: Mechanics,” gave an invited talk, “Deepening Understanding by Implementing (Simple) Systems Modeling,” contributed a talk, “Adding Arduinos to a traditional Analog Electronics course,” to the “Ardiuno, Teensy, FPGA’s et al.” session and participated in the annual Demo Show.

The workshop was very well received and a similar themed workshop is being planned for the conference next year as part of what is now an ongoing series. In addition to making presentations, Lindaas is involved in planning future conferences as a member on the Committee on Laboratories and as an active participant (past chair) on the Committee on Science Education for the Public and the Committee on Apparatus.

The conference was held at the Sacramento Convention Center with workshops at California State University, Sacramento and the Demo show was held at PASCO Scientific.