2014-2015 is yet another great year for our International Student Services. We have 426 international students from 63 countries and 50 international students on post-completion work authorization. Our top countries are Nepal, Nigeria, Republic of Korea, Japan, Ethiopia and China. We are hoping to make 2015 Celebration of Nations bigger and better than the last year.

Saturday April 11th | Celebration of Nations | Mark your Calendar
52nd Annual Celebration of Nations (CON) is on Saturday, April 11 at the Comstock Memorial Union Ballroom.
– Children’s World ( K-5) 4-6 p.m.
– Main Event 6-9 p.m.
– Silent Auction
– Entertainment
– Food Booths

If you wish to perform at Celebrations of Nations (CON), please contact Ludmi at ludmi.herath@mnstate.edu

Tickets are available to purchase online after March 10th at mnstate.edu/tickets

Mark your calendar! See you at the event! www.mnstate.edu/international