Last night’s unique and far-reaching Laps for the Long Run fundraiser raised $1,202,257 with more donations expected in the coming weeks. The fundraiser was part of homecoming and presidential inauguration week activities.

President Anne and 250 Anne fans, including faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni and friends, ran laps with the president to raise money for student scholarships. More than 1,000 students cheered the runners on.

During the WDAY TV interview, Pres. Anne said, “I’m just excited. I’m so motivated and inspired by all the students who are here. I’ve heard there are a thousand students who have signed up. They’re excited, I’m excited. I’m ready to go.”

The event sparked a lot of social media buzz. Tweets and photos can be found using the hashtags #msumlaps, #dragonpride, #annefan.

There’s still time to donate at

WDAY TV coverage

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Valley News TV coverage (beginning at minute 7:15)

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