The FBI’s Cyber Division has been alerted to a scam victimizing college and university employees. After the employees file their tax returns, they later learn tax returns were already filed using their social security numbers. The IRS sent their tax returns to the original fraudulent filers.  There are numerous victims at each university. At this time, the reporting has come in from 4 different states nationwide.  Please alert your campus public safety partners to this scam. Victims can report cyber crime to the FBI at IC3.

If you become aware of a scam of this nature, please report info to Aaron Churness,Task Force Officer, FBI JTTF Minneapolis, 763-569-8431, and to IC3. When reporting to ic3, please include text in the complaint that states, “University Payroll Scam” so they can gather all of these scams into one group.

EXAMPLE: The following email was sent to university employees during the last few days and it is a cyber-related scam. The victims are asked for their bank account numbers to bypass a “fix” that payroll put in place to keep employee records safe.


The University is having a salary increment program again this year with an average of 2.5%.
The Human Resources department evaluated you for a raise on your next paycheck.
Click below to confirm and access your salary revision documents:

…link removed….to access the documents


Human Resources