Important travel reimbursement reminders from the Business Office:

1) When traveling by car out of state instead of using commercial transportation OR staying longer than approved travel dates, additional documentation must be submitted with the employee expense report. Your supervisor may require this at the time you complete the Travel Authorization also. This documentation must indicate what the cost would have been for commercial transportation for the approved travel dates. This should be printed when you are planning the trip for comparable airfare rates. You will be reimbursed the lower of the two amounts.

2) Complete each day’s expenses separately on the Employee Expense Report. Reports that have amounts lumped together may be returned to the employee to correct.

3) Current Mileage reimbursement rates:
$0.565 per mile when a State Vehicle is NOT available (documentation from Motor Pool is required)
$0.495 per mile when a State Vehicle is available but declined OR it is not requested.