To All Employees:

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for State of Minnesota employees is ready to assist employees and their immediate family members in coping with challenging situations. An EAP counselor may be able to help you see your problem from a different perspective and provide some methods of coping or dealing with your problem.

The mission of the State Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is to provide confidential, accessible services to individual employees, their family member and state agencies in order to restore and strengthen the health and productivity of employees and the workplace.

Each one of us – regardless of our position or job – will face a variety of problems in our daily lives, and usually we can work them out. But sometimes our problems become too much to handle and begin to affect personal happiness, family relationships, performance at work, and health. When this happens, we can benefit from seeking professional help. This is why the Employee Assistance Program exists. It is not just for people in crisis, EAP also helps with the everyday problems we all face.

EAP can help with: 1. Conflicts at home or work; 2. Coping with major life changes; 3. Feelings of being over-whelmed; 4. Depression or anxiety;  5. Grieving the loss of loved ones; 6. Marital concerns or divorce; 7. Legal consultation with an attorney; 8. Feelings of loneliness; 9. Improving self-esteem; 10. Coping with physical illness; 11. Learning positive communication skills; 12. Financial problems; 13. Dealing with violence or threats of violence; 14. Recognizing alcohol/drug abuse problems; 15. Child’s behavioral problems.

The Employee Assistance Program is a benefit provided by the State. Because EAP services are free of charge, confidential and voluntary, individual employees and their families can easily get the help they need. EAP is founded on the belief that employees are state government’s most valuable resource. EAP provides services that help state workers balance their work and personal lives, thereby increasing their job satisfaction and productivity.

This program is completely confidential. This means no one at MSU Moorhead will have any idea who uses the program; it will not jeopardize your job, your future, or your reputation.

To make an appointment for you or your dependent, dial toll-free 1-800-657-3719. Phones are answered 24 hours a day by a trained, master-degreed EAP counselor. The counselor will conduct an assessment over the phone and either provide on-the-spot counseling or make a recommendation which may include a referral to a local EAP provider for in-person counseling, community resource, or the individual’s health plan.

You can also access a variety of information via the LifeMatters-EAP website.

Password is: STMN1

If you have any questions concerning the EAP, contact the Human Resources Office at 218.477.2157.