Can’t see the profile photos of the other students in your course in Desire2Learn? You are not alone. This feature has been turned OFF the past few years.

After consulting with the Registrar’s Office, Instructional Technology Services has decided to turn this feature ON. This update will occur during the week of Feb. 18.

Before making the change, we wanted to give you time to update your profile, if you wish. Refer to the instructions in the Desire2Learn – Adding/Removing a Profile Photo for help.

Adding a profile photo is OPTIONAL. Your profile photo is displayed on the Classlist and your discussion posts. Only your instructor and the other students enrolled in your course can see your photo. If you have privacy concerns, you can choose to use another image (like an avatar) or not add a photo at all.

Please contact Instructional Technology Services if you have any questions at or 218.477.2603.