Physics with Common Materials: Part 2
Presented by: Students of Physics Seminar

Friday, Nov. 16, 2012
3:00 -3:50 p.m.
325 Hagen Hall

Is it possible to answer interesting physics questions without big budgets and complicated equipment? This was the challenge put to the students of Physics Seminar: address an interesting physics question using common materials to construct an apparatus, and the basic skills of physics to analyze the results. This week’s presentations are:

• The gravity of the situation: how does fall time depend on drop height? -Taffeny Gladney

• How does heating time depend upon water mass? -Enock Gyebi

• Which is more elastic: a copper wire or a rubber band? – Karuna Khadka

• Projectile on a spring: how does projectile range depend on spring compression?
– Beau Scheving

• How does temperature depend on time for a cooling object? – Seth Meyer