The Dragon Business Association will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 4:30 p.m. in Center for Business room 111. There is no cost to join this group and it is open to all MSUM students.  If you are interested but unable to attend, contact Professors Kim Mollberg or Lori Johnson.

1. Make New Friends- Starting at a new college campus can be scary, so why not get involved and meet new people! Since you are already in the DRAGON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, you obviously have something in common! So, make some new friends!

2. Field Trips- Go experience new things with the DRAGON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION! My personal favorites are visiting the actual offices of businesses and seeing first-hand how they operate, and learning how to get a job.

3. Leadership Opportunities- You can run for office and be a leader! Not only will you be heading up the DRAGON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION, but this looks great on a resume!

4. Social Networking- You never know who is connected with whom! Maybe the girl sitting next to you knows someone who works at one of the best companies in the area. Or maybe the father of the boy across the table works at a company that is looking for an intern! You never know who you’ll meet, so be friendly and open to new people.

5. Time Management- This is for all you students who don’t know how to juggle all your responsibilities at once. Getting involved with the DRAGON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION will help juggle your time and energy!

6. Team Work- This is for all you who never learned to play nicely with others at recess. The success of the DRAGON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION takes a lot of team work, so put your best foot forward and learn to work in a group!

7. Resumes- Put the DRAGON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION on your resume!! Future employers love this stuff!! This is the best part of joining a student organization!

8. Personal Strengths- Joining the DRAGON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION will help you to develop different skills; maybe skills you didn’t even know you had! Who knows – maybe you are can deliver a great speech? Or you can manage a budget? This will allow you to kinda do a self discovery. Sweet!

9. Responsibility- Always running late? Unorganized? Well, this is not acceptable when you are working within the DRAGON BUSINESS ASSOCIATION! Joining the organization will help you learn personal responsibility!

10. Fun- FUN! FUN! FUN! Friends, Food, Something you believe in… what could be better?!

Portions of this content were taken from “Top 10 Reasons to Get Involved in a Student Organization,” by Megan Frank, Kent State University.