By: Demetria Mosley, INFORUM

MINNEAPOLIS – When Bret Hummel mentions “bumping uglies,” you might be surprised by what he means.

The Minnesota State University Moorhead alumnus is referring to a mobile game created by his Minneapolis-based design firm.

“We’ve always created games for our clients, but this game is the first project we’ve designed for ourselves. This is our idea,” said Hummel who is the president and creative director of Ham in the Fridge design firm.

The free game app is set to release in September for IOS (iPhone, iPad, iPods) with an Android version following shortly after.

“We decided that by allowing the game to be free, everyone can have a chance to get to try it out,” said Hummel.

Bumpin’ Uglies is essentially a puzzle-like game that allows players to navigate their ugly by sling shooting them through different colorful worlds. When their ugly finally gets to the end of the world, it bumps with another ugly and creates bumplings, which are a mix of both uglies’ physical traits.

Physical traits for uglies are customizable. Players can change their ugly’s hair, eyes, body and mouth to create a unique look.

“I let my 9-year-old test the game, and she was more concerned about changing the look of her ugly then actually playing the game,” he said. “I think that’s what most people are going to like about playing this.”

The company will make revenue off the game by allowing players to purchase in game currency that will help them advance and buy custom items for their uglies.

Hummel’s company started working on creating the game last fall. The goal was to appeal to a broad audience, ranging from 7-years old to 30-somethings.

“The game is visually stunning, and I love everything about it especially the music,” he said. “So make sure you tell your friend to tell a friend to download it when it comes out.”

You can find out more information on Bumpin’ Uglies by visiting the website