We received a report last week from the state on this year’s Combined Charities Campaign. The GOOD News is that the Agency totals show MSU Moorhead, once again, above any of the other MnSCU units in total contributions. MSUM’s total for on-line pledges via the Employee Self-Service site is $33,215.00! PLUS, we sent in one-time checks which totaled $2,390.00 for a grand total of $35,605! THANK YOU to all who made those totals possible. The Not-so-good News is that we didn’t reach our $60,000 goal and we are $14,408.00 below last year’s total of $50,013. Statewide, the totals are down somewhat from last year. The Minnesota state totals as of November 14 are 2,134 participating employees for a total of $744,039. This compares with 2,395 employees and $821,729 last year.

Because statewide totals are behind those of last year, Lt. Governor Yvonne Prettner Solon, Combined Charities Campaign Honorary Chair, has sent out a letter to state campaign coordinators to encourage them to let employees know that they can still contribute through the on-line system during November.  The letter reads, in part:

This year we set out to raise $1 million through our combined effort and I believe we can surpass that goal if we all pull together. I ask those of you who have not yet pledged to the Campaign to consider doing so. Even a pledge of $1.00 per paycheck can make a difference. Who knows, it may be the dollar that puts us over a million!

  • This year we have witnessed time and again the tremendous response these organizations have made throughout the State of Minnesota when they were needed. This is our chance to thank them and give them the resources they need to continue their work.
  • The official portion of the 2011 Campaign may be over, but you can still pledge to the charity of your choice through either a payroll deduction using the State Employee Self Service website,  or, if you are employed at an agency that does not use the SEMA4 system, by contacting your local Campaign coordinator.
  • All pledges made during November will count toward this year’s total and bring us closer to our goal.

There will be another pledge report on December 1st.  Let’s nudge our MSU Moorhead total up another notch or two. If you didn’t get around to making your contribution in October, you still have a chance to make that contribution. Unlike the once-a-year benefits enrollment, you can do charitable payroll deductions at any time—it is never too late.