Tuesday, March 29 * 1:30–2:30 p.m. * CMU 205
Monday, April 4 * 10 -11 a.m. * CMU 203

As most of you know we have some very strong online courses and programs at MSUM but we have not had any coordinating forum really set up to help and monitor these efforts. If you have being watching national stories you know that the head of the Higher Learning Commission (our regional accreditor) was recently grilled in Congress for the HLC’s lack of oversight of online learning. We absolutely need to get a handle on this and soon. To that end, President Szymanski asked Mike Ruth to work with Dean Gorsline and come up with some ideas and then float them to the campus. That is what is happening at the open forums that have been announced for this week.

If you teach online, your department has online courses and/or online programs or are thinking about them…then you need to attend one of these sessions. Changes are in the wind…Mike’s initial idea for an Online Institute will be presented but he is quick to point out that this is in its earliest stages and he wants faculty input.