Theodore Gracyk, Philosophy, garnered rave reviews for a book he recently co-edited. Gracyk and Andrew Kania, an assistant professor of philosophy at Trinity University in San Antonio, tackle the key topics, subjects, thinkers and debates in philosophy and music in The Routledge Companion to Philosophy and Music. The 654-page tome is a guide and reference containing fifty-six entries by an international team of contributors, edited and organized by Gracyk and Kania.

“An intelligent and comprehensive overview of the Philosophy of Music, featuring contributions by many of the leading figures in the field,” reviewed Brian Kane, Yale University. “The editors have done a remarkable job soliciting topical and historical essays from both musically-minded philosophers and philosophically-minded musicians. It should become the standard reference work in the field.”

Gracyk has authored three other philosophical books on music: Rhythm and Noise: An Aesthetics of Rock, I Wanna Be Me: Rock Music and the Politics of Identity, and Listening to Popular Music. He has also written many articles on aesthetics and its history.