Writing Intensive Assessment Report and Scheduled Brownbag Discussion Sessions

The purpose of this Writing Intensive Assessment Work Group was to determine to what extent students at MSUM are able to meet the current Writing Intensive Competencies. In order to accomplish this task, a faculty-generated rubric was created. Papers used in this project were collected from both Dragon Core (DC) and Major Writing Intensive courses offered during Fall Semester 2009 and Spring Semester 2010. From all papers received, 60 papers from the Majors and 60 papers  from DC were assessed.

Five faculty members voluntarily participated in the project and were compensated for their work. They were: Jarilyn Gess, Corrick Center; Deneen Gilmour, College of Business and Industry; Dawn Hammerschmidt, College of Education and Human Services; Richard Lahti, College of Social and Natural Sciences; and Terry Shoptaugh, College of Arts and Humanities.

Members of both the work group and the University Writing Committee  invite you to attend one of the sessions next week in CMU 203. We would like to hear your feedback and comments regarding the report and your ideas about the future of the writing intensive requirements for our students.

Monday, February 28th from 12:30-1:30
Friday, March 4th from 11:30-12:30

If you are unable to attend either session, but have comments, please send those to Stacy Voeller.