Complete LASC/Writing Intensive Forms as Soon as Possible

Please complete your LASC and/or Writing Intensive forms for 2015-2016 as soon as possible. A video on how to fill out your LASC or Writing Intensive Assessment Forms has been created and is available at A number of aids for assessment at MSUM will be created and posted at the assess website this summer, to make the process easier. […]

LASC/WI Assessment

As the semester comes to a close, please remember to submit your LASC/WI assessment form for all LASC and/or writing intensive classes taught this year (Summer 2015, Fall 2015, Spring 2016). Department/Program Chairs received a list of these on Monday. A single form can be submitted for multiple sections of the same class (this is actually preferred) if similar assessments are used. […]

Biosciences offering variety of courses this summer

The Biosciences Department will be offering a variety of courses this summer. Some of the courses that will be offered are as follows; Cell Biology, Organismal Biology, Human Anatomy, and Human Physiology. There will also be some Biosciences courses that have a LASC designation and/or Writing Intensive. For a list of all Biosciences courses that will be offered please check […]

Writing Intensive Assessment Report and Scheduled Brownbag Discussion Sessions

The purpose of this Writing Intensive Assessment Work Group was to determine to what extent students at MSUM are able to meet the current Writing Intensive Competencies. In order to accomplish this task, a faculty-generated rubric was created. Papers used in this project were collected from both Dragon Core (DC) and Major Writing Intensive courses offered during Fall Semester 2009 […]