Gala is open to MSUM campus February 25
The Founders Scholarship is named in recognition of the people who founded our University. They created an educational opportunity that has enriched lives since 1888. Long ago our students were affectionately known as “scramblers,” because they came from modest means, worked hard, and left with a brighter future. Thanks to the founders, our heritage is comprised of success, service, and citizenship.

The Founders Scholarship is a competitive $2,500 need-based scholarship awarded to students who embody these exemplary characteristics. The scholarship is named in recognition of MSUM Founders and funded by specific gifts and proceeds of the annual Founders Gala, which first occurred in conjunction with President Edna Mora Szymanski’s inauguration as the 14th President of MSUM in February 2009.

“I am a freshman this year and my major is Spanish Education. My scholarship has greatly helped with reducing my tuition which allows me to continue to go to school to achieve my dreams. This has benefited in the respect that I am $2,500 closer to achieving my dreams and every single penny means the world. Thank you so much for awarding me this gift.”  Luke Worthington

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