The Student Organization Advisory Committee is pleased to present the following for their outstanding leadership at MSUM.

Student Organization Leader of the Month – Meagan Barbie

Meagan Barbie dedicates herself whole-heartedly to her position of president for the Network for Environmentally Educated Dragons. Meagan’s goals are to create more enthusiasm for a cleaner, greener MSUM. In the past months, Meagan has led the efforts of NEED’s annual Recyclemania, a contest of recycling efforts between colleges and universities. Due to Meagan’s dedication, a grant was received to improve MSUM’s focus to be more environmentally friendly.

Student Organization of the Month – Network for Environmentally Educated Dragons

Network for Environmentally Educated Dragons is working hard at creating awareness of the positive impacts that individuals can make by being green. For the past three years, NEED has sponsored two annual events. One event is Recyclemania, which is a contest of recycling efforts between colleges and universities. Earth Day is a national celebrated event and MSUM participants with educational booths, music, and food. NEED also focuses on leading MSUM’s project of cutting carbon. For more information about NEED, email the organization at

Student Organization Advisor of the Month – Abner Arauza

As the advisor to Organizacion Latina Americana, Abner Arauza provides devotion and brilliant insight. Arauza is a very hands-on advisor, but entrusts the organization to make the final decisions. OLA’s main event of the year is the widely attended Unity Conference. Due to unforeseen environmental circumstances, the Unity Conference ran the risk of being cancelled. Arauza came to an idea of combining the Celebration of Nations, previously cancelled, with the Unity Conference, creating the Celebration of Multicultural Unity.