‘Happy ending to beginning’ of $2.5B Mars rover mission

By: Ryan Johnson, INFORUM MOORHEAD – While it was built with valid scientific goals in mind, the premise of the six-wheeled, 2,000-pound Curiosity rover and the engineering feat that landed it on Mars early Monday could strike some as more science fiction than reality. “We have landed a nuclear-powered truck on another world,” said Juan Cabanela, astronomy professor at Minnesota […]

Social networking and business topic of March 15 workshop

Let’s Face It! Social networking to generate business with emphasis on Facebook Tuesday, March 15 * 8:30am-12:30pm * Facilitator Yvonne Denault  Business Consultant, Instructor and Entrepreneur Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are changing the way businesses market themselves and connect with their customers. This hands-on workshop will cover •    How to create marketing strategies and contests that drive […]

What YOU do online can come back to HAUNT you!

Dragon Entertainment Group presents C.L. Lindsay in a presentation on “Learn how to stay clear of trouble at Campus Computing and the Law!” Wednesday, September 15 at 7 p.m. in the CMU Ballroom. Topics Include: Potential Employers and Online Information, Computing Privacy, Plagiarism & Intellectual Property Online, FACEBOOK & MySpace Rights and MUCH MORE!! Also, surprising Facebook pictures of MSUM students […]

Social media seminar series: Free event Friday, Oct. 30

AACE Global U is pleased to announce the next seminar in its already successful series, “Social Media: Trends and Implications for Learning.” The seminar series, led by George Siemens and David Cormier, is without fee and will include live interactive sessions, in addition to discussions with guest speakers and participants. All sessions are co-sponsored by and archived in the Education & Information Technology Library http://editlib.org/ Click headline to read more about how you can access this free event.