Physics Majors in Graduate Programs

Four Physics majors are enrolled in graduate programs. They are: Class of 2013 Hollee Johnson-University of North Dakota Nicholas Weir- University of Massachusetts-Lowell Shouvik Bhattacharya– Creighton University, Physics Class of 2012 Murshid Saqlain- University of Colorado Colorado Springs, Applied Mathematics

Take the Lead Tuesday: Attending a Professional/Academic Conference: What to expect and how to prepare-a recap

Three student speakers, Andrea Kochensparger (a senior, Anthropology), Shouvik Bhattacharya (a senior, Physics), and Iwnetim Abate (a sophomore, Physics) discussed how students can motivate and prepare for attending an academic or a professional conference. All of them participated at the Student Academic Conference at MSUM this spring, and in addition, attended a professional/academic meeting of their own field in different […]

Physics major attended the American Physical Society’s Annual March Meeting

Physics major Shouvik Bhattacharya (senior) attended the American Physical Society’s (APS) Annual March Meeting in Baltimore, MD during the weekend of March 16-19. Bhattacharya presented his senior year research project “Analyzing Brightness Variance of an SX Phoenicis Star (XX Cyg)” at the meeting. Bhattacharya said, “I joined APS back in January 2009. Since then I have always wondered what exactly […]